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This US Army private has befriended a group of individuals in an otherwise very hostile village in Ghazni Province. A Humvee with its 50 caliber machine gun is an intimidating adversary but can also be vulnerable to insurgent attacks. Chinook helicopters travel in pairs with Apache gunships providing further security. As an Afghan crowd in the Tagab District Center in eastern Afghanistan grows unruly and gets out of control a soldier attempts one last verbal warning. Foot patrols can be particularly hazardous to those undertaking them but it is also an opportunity for coalition forces to have direct interaction with Afghan civilians.  This image was shot in Ghazni Province where the US Army had done a good job of securing their AOR prior to their withdrawal and replacement.
Humvee going through a remote village in Western Parwan Province.  Humvees can be particularly vulnerable in such environments. French troops on the move. Apache helicopter having a final look before going in to engage the insurgents. Weary soldiers of the Afghan National Army keeping eye out for snipers in Helmand Province. British sniper takes shot at insurgents in southern Afghanistan during a major engagement with Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces.
Chinook approaching the Korengal Post in Kunar Province. Afghan National Army troops hold a ridgeline during a firefight in eastern Afghanistan. French and Afghan National Army troops move cautiously as they take incoming fire in Tagab Valley Afghan National Army troops move across cold and barren winter landscape during military operations. Russian transport jet unloading new Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles that are a type of armored fighting vehicle designed to survive IED attacks and ambushes.  Though a welcome and secure vehicle they are too large to be of practical value in many parts of eastern Afghanistan.
US Army soldiers setting up defensive positions in anticipation of an imminent ambush in Ghazni Province. British troops from Three Para walk through a ghostly quiet village after Operation Kajaki in southern Afghanistan. Royal Irish sniper providing security for British troops on the ground in a much more vulnerable and precarious area in southern Afghanistan. Chinook helicopter providing relatively secure transportation in some of the most dangerous and vulnerable parts of the country.  This image shot in Ghazni Province. French Foreign Legionnaire keeps a weary eye out as he takes a breather during a military operation in the Tagab Valley of eastern Afghanistan.

  • Willing to travel and accompany military forces anywhere under any conditions and circumstances to photograph and/or write about operations and activities for media placement or promotional imagery
  • Considerable experience embedding with numerous guerilla groups, militaries, commandos and 'Special Forces' from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa
  • Can travel upon 24 hour advance notification - depending on availability and visa requirements
  • Can shoot in digital and/or 35 mm format

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